Private Lot Ownership Opportunity on Shuswap Lake

kids camping at Blind Bay
If you’ve been looking for that special place to park that new RV or own a luxury cottage, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Blind Bay Resort provides for individual RV site and cottage ownership through a secure undivided-interest structure.  Owners have their interest registered at BC Land Titles, with individual sites legally owned, transferable, and sellable immediately.  A modest $160/mo strata fee provides for maintenance and expenses, and is budgeted to include property taxes. You won't find a low monthly cost like that anywhere comparable on the Shuswap!

We’ve established three strata lots, referred to as sections A, B and C.   Each section has multiple lots and all sites in section “B” and “C” can accommodate park models.  We will place a number of luxury park cottages for purchase as quarter- and eighth-interests on specific sites, and can offer them on any other site in the park, to current and new RV site owners.  Quarter-interest ownership offers a practical and economical way to own 12+ weeks each year in a private luxury cottage, with the added benefit of rental income when not in use.

Family life in the Shuswap
Park cottages are fully self-contained, available year-round for use and enjoyment, and offer a high rate of return.  We are a Moduline dealer, providing you quality park cottages that are built to exacting standards and finish.  Own the luxury of a condo without giving up privacy – at a fraction of the cost! No matter how you’d like it, we can help you fulfill your dream of owning an affordable recreational property in the most desirable area in Canada.  

For detailed site renderings, and pricing and availability, please request a PDF with more information by clicking on the “Sales Information” icon at the top LH corner of this page.